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7 places to do Yoga in MedellĂ­n 2020


In this post you will find all the information you need about the best places to do yoga in the city of MedellĂ­n

With the passage of time, the practice of yoga has become a symbol of healthy living, through the use of techniques, postures, breathing and meditation. Its main benefit is that it strengthens not only the body but also the mind. And the best thing is that you can practice yoga at home or in specialized centers in MedellĂ­n.

1.Unity Yoga (poblado) 

Unity, located in the “heart” of the Town. It is very easy to get there. Unity Yoga is a place where you can breathe peace from the entrance. Manuela, its owner and teacher, has a very complete and deep yoga training.

If you are looking for well-being and tranquility, Unity is the perfect place to silence your mind and take a break.

There are classes for all levels: from beginner to advanced. Unity’s greatest benefit is the complete focus between mind, soul and body. Unity yoga Medellin, is undoubtedly a place 100% recommended by its visitors.

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2.Yoga Medellin (Poblado)

Yoga MedellĂ­n, is known as the first study in MedellĂ­n. They have a very good variety of yoga styles, such as; Bikram style, Vinyasa and Power Yoga.

Yoga MedellĂ­n is a place where they care about our health and well-being, they have treatments and therapies such as: radiant saunas and PEMF therapy to cleanse and detoxify the interior of our being. YOGA MedellĂ­n is known as the first studio in MedellĂ­n to focus on BIKRAM STYLE (Hot Yoga).

They have a specially designed room that reaches temperatures of up to 42Âş. All of these YOGA styles are taught by excellent teachers. The service is also exceptional, they make you feel as comfortable as home and as part of the family.

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3. FundaciĂłn Atman yoga (Laureles y Poblado)

Atman Yoga shows us a living model of yoga. Focused on the teachings of Swami Sivananda, and two saints from India who dedicated their lives to the study of Yoga. As well as serving others with an innate feeling of oneness with humanity.

For this reason, the Atman Yoga classes have no value, only a voluntary contribution and with the possibility of choosing the time and the venue that best suits you. Atman Yoga medellin invites us to get out of the stress of everyday life and to give ourselves time to discover our interior.

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4.Flying Tree Yoga (Laureles)

Located in laureles, the Flying Tree Yoga studio medellin offers yoga classes for all tastes, in two languages; English and Spanish. The teachers are from different backgrounds, each with a unique style, making their classes fun, engaging and challenging. without a doubt this place is 100% recommended

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5.Hot Yoga Studio MedellĂ­n (laureles)

HOT YOGA Medellin offers us 3 types of Bikram hot yoga, Alignment based yoga, and yin yoga. all of them are based on improving our posture, reducing stress and helping to eliminate toxins, Hot yoga studio is a comfortable space to practice Yoga, with excellent teachers always ready to help us.

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6.Happy Yoga MedellĂ­n (poblado)

Happy Yoga Medellin is a center specialized in yoga, where you will find classes in Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Children, Prenatal Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, yoga for mothers and babies. Located in the Manila- Poblado neighborhood, you will also find a traditional Chinese medicine office with acupuncture, Happy Yoga in a space that gives you comfort and confidence.

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7.Saravasti Yoga (Poblado)

Saravasti Yoga Medellin offers yoga classes for all levels, the teachers are highly qualified. This studio has 7 years of success in yoga, meditation, pranayamas and kirtan training. A school that not only offers knowledge in yoga, they also offer meditation, music, talks and conferences. Saravasti yoga has so far had; 250 students, 10 instructors, 6 styles and 15 complementary courses.

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Do you know more yoga places in the city?

“Health is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way. ”

Swami Vishnudevananda

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