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8 BEST clubs in MedellĂ­n


ÂżAre you looking for places to party in Medellin?

 If you are in Medellín and you are looking for the best clubs in Medellín, a perfect place to go out to party and have fun, look no further, I have created a list with the best clubs in Medellín, chosen thanks to the rating of users on google with more 4 stars.

best clubs in medellĂ­n

1.Sixttina (Poblado, rio sur)

Some affirm that it is one of the most technological discotheques in Latin America, the experience is given by the DJ, VJ, Light Engineer and special effects. It is a rumba based on a lifestyle called “GLAM DANCE”.

2.Discoteca Envy Club

Take unforgettable memories in the exclusivity of a five-star hotel. On the 17th and 18th floors at The Charlee you will find the Envy Club disco with a live DJ and an innovative aquarium-like pool.

Thanks to his location you can appreciate a spectacular panoramic view of the city of Medellín while enjoying good drinks. this disco is part of the  7 best rooftops bars in Medellin

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3.fonda la chismosa- las palmas

In one of the most pleasant places in the city of MedellĂ­n, in Las Palmas is the Fonda La Chismosa, a typical place, where you can see a large part of the city, with ample and safe parking lots.

4.Fonda Dulce Jesus mio.

It is a totally mountain inn, very country with troubadours, live artists and characters, it is not uncommon for visitors to meet the village fool, the doctor, the priest and the schoolgirl among others. in fonda dulce Jesus mio These characters make the moments in sweet Jesus of mine the most pleasant, filling each attendee with joy and enjoyment.

5. kukaramakara

The magic of Kukaramakara has crossed borders reaching cities such as Bogotá, Medellín in Colombia, and the city of Miami in the United States.

6.calle 9 +1 Bar (POBLADO)

In this place the dance does not stop. Good electronics and alternative music make it one of the best rumba places in MedellĂ­n. People who go give it an interesting plus. without a doubt, a unique place. CALLE 9 + 1

7.Bendito seas

The party at Bendito Seas is always happening, and they give everything. Every Thursday night is women’s night. one of the best rumbas in the city of Medellin, unique and different that merges the typical inn, with the rumba of the most modern discos


The Babylon disco is one of the most popular clubs in the El Poblado area of ​​Medellín. Famous for its Ladies Night on Thursdays, and located very close to Parque Lleras, this place is one of those that will surely recommend you when you ask for a disco that you should visit in the city.

MedellĂ­n, a city where the night comes alive, thanks to the variety of night spots such as bars and nightclubs.

This list was a statistic based on the most searched sites on Google, MedellĂ­n has a wide variety of sites which may interest you much more. but these previous 8 are the most visited. Dare to discover MedellĂ­n. ÂżWhere are you going this weekend?

ÂżHow to get to the 8 BEST clubs in MedellĂ­n? find the name of the club and locate its address on the map

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