How to dress / what to wear in Medellin Colombia

Are you next to pack your bags to travel to Medellin and do not know what clothes and shoes to use in Medellin? How to dress or what to wear in Medellin ¿ Are you insecure between; Should you wear coats or short shirts?

In this post are the answers to all these questions that we always ask ourselves before traveling. DO NOT PACK YOUR BAGS BEFORE READING THIS VALUABLE INFORMATION.

The first factor you must bear in mind before visiting Medellin is; THE WEATHER

The climate in Medellín can be deduced, it is one of the best in the world. that’s why this city is known as; “the city of eternal spring.”

in this box you can see what the weather is like in Medellin, every month of the year.

MonthMax/Min (ºF)Rains
January82° / 63°5 days
February82° / 64°8 days
March82° / 64°10 days
April81° / 64°14 days
may81° / 64°17 days
June82° / 64°14 days
July83° / 63°12 days
August82° / 63°15 days
September81° / 63°15 days
October80° / 63°16 days
November80° / 63°14 days
December 80° / 63°11 days

clothes and shoes you should wear in Medellín- Colombia


Choosing what type of shoes to wear is important.

  • Sandals, heels

  • Tennis

  • Shoes not too thick

  • NO THICK BOOTS; In Medellín there are many people who wear this type of boots. but I do not recommend them at all, they will sweat a lot.


Very light clothes. The good thing about Medellín is that you can use almost all kinds of clothes.

  • Shorts
  • Tshirts
  • Bermudas Islands
  • Dresses
  • skirts
  • Any type of Jeans
  • NO COATS will give you a lot of heat (although there are people who use them)
  • Sweater: for rainy days.

In Medellín, it does not do much heat or cold, but sometimes it rains a lot DO NOT FORGET TO PACK YOUR UMBRELLA


the perfect weather, it’s very cool at night (average 19th grade), so there’s no change in clothes. If you go to a party or dinner, you can use the same light clothes, the weather does not change much.


I highly recommend carrying; CAPS AND GLASSES, for those days when the sun hits hard. also SOLAR BLOCKER DO NOT FORGET TO CARRY YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC CAMERA AND YOUR TELEPHONE, you will want to capture many moments.


If you fly to Medellin, you will arrive at the JOSE MARIA CORDOBA airport, it is located in Rionegro, one hour from Medellin. RIONEGRO is a nearby municipality and is colder than Medellin. (depends on the time you arrive) I recommend you bring a light sweater while you enter the city.

These are some questions that you may be able to ask yourself before traveling

♦ What shoes should I use for a special dinner in Medellin?

You can use; sneakers, heels, formal shoes.

♦ Should I wear coats in Medellín, at night?

the answer is NO, it is formal. but you’re going to be very hot. It is not necessary

♦ Can I always wear sandals in Medellín?

the answer is YES, many people use them and they are perfect for those days when the sun is strong.

♦ Should I wear thick or leather boots for Medellin?

DO NOT . It also depends on the boots, but you really are not going to need them, it’s not cold

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